Kerrigan's Debate Audios

The audio teachings found on this page are simply the audio version of the videos on our Sound Doctrine Videos page.

Original Sin

This debate was between Calvinist Pastor Pat Necerato and Kerrigan Skelly. Many of the most common proof texts were brought up by Pat and are shown to be eisegesis. The debate was about 2 hours long, including the 30 min. question and answer session with the listening audience. This doctrine is very important to get right. Too many people have and will continue to use this doctrine as an excuse for sin. God forbid that we have any sin-excusing doctrines in our theology!

Kerrigan Skelly vs. Pat Necerato



A radio show from the United Kingdom contacted Kerrigan to see if he would be willing to debate the Theory of Evolution on their radio show, Kerrang Radio. It is NOT a Christian Radio Station, BY FAR. They had found out about Kerrigan Skelly through his YouTube Channel and saw that one of his videos was titled "Evolution is STUPID!" That caught their eye, so they contacted Kerrigan Skelly. he told them that he was willing to debate. They informed Kerrigan Skelly that he would be debating a guy named Simon Singh. Simon has a PhD. in particle physics from Cambridge University. He has written a book on the Big Bang Theory called, Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe. All of that was a little intimidating, but Kerrigan Skelly rested in the fact that he had God AND the Truth on his side. The debate actually went really well. Kerrang Radio did a taping of it and they played it on their show about a week and a half later. Unfortunately they cut out some parts. There seems to be at least 4 minutes of it missing. All in all in went very well though. Take a listen for yourself!

On Kerrang Radio in the U.K.


Does the Christian God Exist?

Kerrigan Skelly, John and Tracy were hosting Refining Fire Radio one Sunday afternoon when an atheist joined the webchat. His name was Erik and he started to say all kinds of crazy things. Then he challenged Kerrigan to a debate. Kerrigan accepted the challenge and they debated a few months later. Erik was a pretty consistent atheist during this debate. His own words were very telling of the atheists position, as he admitted, several times, that he couldn't possibly know ANYTHING for sure. We pray that you are edified as Kerrigan Skelly stands up for the truth of Christianity.

Kerrigan Skelly vs. Erik Dickerson


Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage

This debate was on a local secular radio station in Fayetteville, NC. The debate was between Kerrigan and Homosexual Activist Jordan Palmer. Many issues were discussed and things went very well for Kerrigan Skelly. What it boils down to is, what standard are you using for morality itself? The homosexual activist has an arbitray, autonomous standard. The Christian holds to the absolute standard given to them by the absolute ruler, the God of the Bible.

Clarence Briggs Show-Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage