Refining Fire Fellowship Videos and Audios

On this page, you will find teachings from the home fellowship that we are a part of in South Central Kentucky. We have just finished studying through the Gospel According to Matthew. Teaching verse by verse through the Gospel According to Matthew took almost three years. You can find the audio files of our other sermons on our Sermon Audio Page. Also, check out our Refining Fire Fellowship Church website.

Refining Fire Fellowship Foundation Series
This series will touch on all of the main foundational doctrines. The purpose of this series, is to give the Christian, new and old alike, a good foundation for their faith, going forward. This series touches on doctrines such as the Trinity, the Bible, Man & Sin, the Atonement, Prayer, Heaven, Hell, Hades, Salvation, etc.

Refining Fire Fellowship Misc. Teachings
The videos in this play list are from teachings at Refining Fire Fellowship.

Expositional Preaching Through the Gospel According to Matthew (Summer 2010-January 2013)
This is a series of teachings, by Kerrigan Skelly, teaching verse by verse through the Gospel According to Matthew.


Audio Versions of the Matthew Sermons
There may be silence at the beginning of each of these audio files. This is because these are audio versions of the videos. We simply converted the videos into audio files and uploaded them, without editing the "silence" off of the first part of them. Just keep listening, and the teachings will begin when you hear Kerrigan Skelly talking.