Sermons FOR Open Air Preachers

On this page, you will find sermons that are geared specifically for Open Air Preachers. Whether you haven't started yet, are just beginning or have been preaching for a while, you are bound to get something out of these messages.

VICE Interviews Open Air Preacher- VICE flew Kerrigan Skelly out to NYC, for the day, just to interview him. This is the interview.

Must Christ Suffer Alone?- What was the primary source of Christ's suffering? What is the primary source of the Christian's suffering?

"Shock & Awe" Preaching- In this video, Kerrigan Skelly responds to Ray Comfort, Brad Snow and Eddie, from the "On the Box" daily internet TV show. He addresses their inconsistencies, assumptions and unrighteous accusations.

Persecution: Are YOU Ready? & An Example- In this video, Kerrigan Skelly talks about Christians, open air preachers and persecution. Then he shows some video footage, with an example of "persecution".

Ten PITFALLS of the Open Air Preacher- In this video, Kerrigan Skelly talks about some of the dangers that open air preachers have and can fall into. Beware, open air preacher (or potential one), lest you fall into these as well. A very serious and sobering exhortation.

Tips For New O/A Preachers (Or Potential Ones)- In this video, Kerrigan Skelly gives tips for new or potential open air preachers. Kerrigan Skelly gives tips regarding four areas: 1) Preparation for Open Air Preaching 2) Practical Tips for Right Before & During 3) How to Deal With Police 4) Message/Delivery

Memorizing Scripture- Memorizing Scripture is an essential for every Christian, let alone open air preacher. How can you go into the world and preach the Bible, if you don't know it? If you aren't quoting LOTS of Scripture in your open air preaching, then you need to make some changes! Kerrigan Skelly gives the "Why" and the "How" of Memorizing Scripture, in this video.


The Character and Message of the Open Air Preacher- Evangelist Kerrigan Skelly preached this message at the Southeast Open Air Preachers Association (SOAPA) conference. He speaks of the public and private character of the open air preacher as well as what the message should be.

Open Air Apologetics- Should open air preachers use apologetics in the open air? If so, what kind of apologetics should they use? Kerrigan Skelly discusses this most important subject in this video.