Online Evangelism Training

We would love to have the honor and privilege of training your Church/Group how to evangelize simply, effectively, Biblically, the way Jesus did. If you are interested in us training your Church/Group, please go HERE to schedule us to speak. After you contact us, we will set up a date and time to come train your Church/Group. For those of you who are long distance individuals, we have some Evangelism Training you can do right here on this web page. What we have here are three of the messages that we preach during out training seminar. The Biblical principles learned in these teachings are very important to utilize in your witnessing encounters.

Also below, you will find several videos of us witnessing to people 1-2-1. This way, you get to be a "fly on the wall" and see how the Biblical Principles you learn from our teachings are put into practice. We hope that you are able to see how the Biblical principles in witnessing work and that you learn some practicals tips from the witnessing videos. Of course, we highly recommend that you have us come teach you in person if you are a Church group or small group. There is nothing like having the opportunity to ask questions and have the training done by someone in person. If you can't have us come for some reason, please get yourself trained by listening to/watching these training and witnessing videos.

"The Cry"- So what excuses do you make for not taking part in the Great Commission? Is it that evangelism isn't your "gift"? Is it that you just don't care? Or maybe you are too busy? Whatever your excuse is, if you are trying to make an excuse, you need to listen to this message by Kerrigan. This message is about the Church's responsibility to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (ALL OF THE CHURCH).

"Counterfeit Christianity"- This teaching is for those who think they are saved or profess to be Christians, but really are NOT Biblical Christians. This teaching is important for two main reasons: 1) So that those who are "Counterfeit Christians" can come to a knowledge of the truth in realizing that they really aren't Christian. Then they can Repent and turn in Faith to Christ Jesus. 2) It helps the True Christian to see some of the "false gospels" that are being preached out there. This way they can make sure they are sharing a Biblical Gospel message with the lost.

"The Lost Keys"- Everyone has lost their keys before. Don't you hate when that happens? Sometimes losing your keys can have tragic results. You can be late for work, you might have to break a window to get back into your house or car, or you might just have to call a locksmith. Well, there is a key ingredient in Biblical Evangelism that has been lost for some time. Finding these keys and then putting them into practice Biblically will have a powerful effect!

Witnessing Videos

Witnessing to Derek- Kerrigan Skelly is witnessing to a young man named Derek. Derek had a soft heart and was seeking after the truth.

Witnessing to Zach- Kerrigan Skelly is witnessing to young man named Zach. Zach was a relativistic agnostic, but soon came under conviction and was thankful for the truth that was shared.

Witnessing to Angela- Kerrigan Skelly is shown here witnessing to a young lady named Angela. Angela is a Roman Catholic who is questioning the existence of God. She thought she was a "good person", but then came under conviction through the Scriptures.

Witnessing-Richard- Kerrigan Skelly is shown here witnessing to a young soldier named Richard at a local indoor Flea Market. Watch as the Law brings Conviction and the Cross brings Hope.

Witnessing-Two Young Men- Kerrigan Skelly is shown here witnessing to two young men at a "Christian" concert. The two young men are a good example of what is found in most "youth groups" across America. We must reach out even to those who think they are "saved"!

Witnessing-Javon- Kerrigan Skelly is shown here witnessing on the streets to a young man named Javon. Javon said he didn't have any time to talk, but he got interested in what Kerrigan was saying pretty quickly. It doesn't take long to tell someone the truth in love!

Other Videos That Might Help

Kerrigan Skelly-Must Christ Suffer Alone?- Kerrigan Skelly preaches about the Christian's obligation to evangelize and how this was the primary cause of Christ's suffering and the primary cause of the Christian's suffering. Therefore, to not evangelize, is to escape the suffering we were ordained for.