PinPoint Evangelism Standards

These are the commitments that we make before God and men as we live and preach in this world as aliens and strangers.

1. Men of Prayer- We will be men who are in communion with God.  And we're not just talking about the 2 minute prayer here and there.  We are talking about having intimate time with God where we present our requests before Him and listen to His voice as well.  We will be men who don't just know about God, but actually know God.

2. Men of Holiness- We will strive to be as Holy as possible.  Our goal is to never sin again.  IF we sin, we will repent and continue to follow Christ.  We strive to take captive every thought to the obedience of Christ, keep a tight rein on our tongue and obey Christ's commands.

3. Men of the Word- We will not only read God's Word daily, but we will study His Word as well.  We study to show ourselves approved unto God; workmen who need not be ashamed.  If the Bible really is the Word of God, it should be important to us! 

4. Sound Doctrine/Good Theology- We believe and obey the Bible.  We are willing to challenge what most might consider "orthodox" and test it against the Bible to see if it holds water.  We don't care what popular teachers say is the truth, or what synods, councils and catechisms have said in the past.  We believe the Truth, nothing more, nothing less.  If someone can show us, from the Bible, that we are wrong about any of our beliefs, we are willing to change what we believe.  Paul commended the Bereans for this way of thinking.

5. Preach the Whole Counsel of God- We believe that the whole Bible is our source when we go into the open air and preach.  We don't just preach on sin, judgment and Hell.  We must also preach grace, mercy and the cross.  We must preach the Good News!  If we don't, then preaching the "bad news" was worthless.  We will preach the whole counsel of God.

6. We Will Be Above Reproach- When it comes to preaching in the open air, we have observed many preachers that say things and do things that we would never say or do.  We will be above reproach.  This doesn't mean that people won't get offended by what we say or that they will always like what we say or how we say it.  It simply means that we will have a clear conscience before God and men and that if men say bad things about us that they will be lying.

We will not call people things like whores, homos, fags, queers, stupid, dumb, etc. We have this standard, because we want to reach the hearts, minds and wills of the people we are preaching to. Often times, these words only serve to stir up emotions and nothing less. Often times, these words cause more problems then they help. In extreme circumstances, when it may be warranted, we may use "hard words" like these, as a form of rebuke. Some examples of such situations are - a woman walking around naked in public, a woman or man trying to "hump" you or a woman or man "flashing" their private parts at you. Unfortunately, in such circumstances, "hard words" like these may be needed, in order to pierce through the hard crusted conscience of the depraved sinner. If we do use such words, we will not use them as "insults", to "get a crowd" or to "rile people up", but rather as a way to strike the conscience of the depraved sinner and wake them up to the danger they are in.

We won't have people leaving our meetings thinking that we are dirty old men, because we are sharing sexually explicit stories or talking about sexual things in details.  We won't tell stories that are just silly and have no use to God.  We won't make the open air meeting look like circus side shows because we are acting like stand-up comedians.  We must be sober minded!  We are talking about Hell, judgment and Christ Crucified!  There's nothing funny about those things!  We will preach the Word of God boldly everywhere we go!  If we think that something gives unnecessary offense, we simply won't say it or do it.

7. We Will Not Forsake Fellowship- The Bible makes it clear that Christians should not forsake the fellowship of believers.  We will make sure to always surround ourselves with other like minded believers for edification, accountability and sharpening. We will meet with such people on a regular basis for prayer, Bible study, communion, discipleship, iron sharpening iron and fellowship. We will not be a part of the apostate American "church", which has forsaken God, lives in ungodliness everyday and won't stand up for the truth of God's Word.

8. We Will Be Family Men- We will have the right priorities in life.  We will always put God first, then our wives, then our children and then our ministry.  God forbid we preach the Gospel to the world and lose our wives and children to the devil in the process!  We must raise and train our families in way of the Lord!  This includes praying with our families, teaching them the Word of God and spending quality time with them.

9. Apologetics- We will strive to always have an answer for everyone so that we can defend the faith properly.  We don't by any means know everything, but we are striving to!  We will study in order to be able to defend the Bible and Christianity against all attacks.  We will also go on the offense in order to show people that without the Christian God, you can't make sense of reality or know anything with any certainty.

10. Discipleship/Training- We are always discipling/training people and are always looking for opportunities to disciple/train people.  Discipleship is part of the Great Commission as well.  Often times, people who are open air preachers or street evangelists forget about this part of the Great Commission and only preach.  We must not neglect discipleship/training!