Sound Doctrine & Biblical Theology

Can We Live Holy In This Life? "The Biblical Doctrine of Temptation"

In this video, Kerrigan Skelly looks at a very important doctrine, the Biblical Doctrine of Temptation. Understanding this issue is pertinent to living in victory over sin. Kerrigan Skelly shows that we CAN LIVE HOLY IN THIS LIFE!

Refining Fire Fellowship Foundation Series

The Elders of Refining Fire Fellowship, teach the foundational doctrines of the faith. It is very important for each believer to understand these doctrines.

16 Marks of an Apostate Church

As apostasy abounds in the last days, Kerrigan gives some points as to how you can know whether you are being affected by it or not.

Scapolamine - Devil's Breath - Calvinism

Kerrigan Skelly takes a real world thing and compares it with Calvinism

Who Are The REAL "Heretics" and "Pharisees"?

Kerrigan Skelly addresses the accusations that are, often times, levied at him, from Calvinists.

The "From the Horse's Mouth" Video Series

Kerrigan Skelly gives you lots of quotes from theologians, who are way off in their doctrine.

The "Strongholds of Calvinism"

Refuting all of the MOST favorite proof-texts of Calvinsm (Romans 9, John 6, Ephesians 1, etc.).

"Calvinist Confusion"

Kerrigan Skelly shows how Calvinists takes Biblical words and impose unbiblical definitions upon them in order to support their theology. Kerrigan Skelly looks at such Biblical words as "Impute", "Propitiation", "Free Will", "Dead" and "Sovereignty".

"Consistent Calvinism"

Kerrigan Skelly takes the beliefs/teachings of Calvinism to their logical conclusion. Do Calvinists REALLY want to believe in this?

"Calvinism vs. the Early Church"

Is Calvinism really the "historical", "orthodox" faith that was "once for all delivered to the saints"? Not according to the writings of the Early Church Fathers. Kerrigan Skelly shows this, in this video series.

Videos on Biblical Perfection

Kerrigan Skelly talks about what the Bible says about the issue of "Perfection".

Videos on the Atonement

Kerrigan Skelly talks about what really happened at the Cross.

Videos on Once Saved, Always Saved

Can a genuine, sincere, true Christian "lose their salvation"? Kerrigan Skelly shows the truth of the Scriptures on this issue.

The "The Doctrine of Original Sin"

Kerrigan Skelly refutes all of the MOST popular proof-texts that are used to support the doctrine of original sin. There are also videos that discuss such things as the "sinful nature" and the "age of accountability."

"T.U.L.I.P.- Refuting the Acronym of Calvinism"

Kerrigan Skelly takes a basic look at the acronym which defines the doctrines of Calvinism. Kerrigan Skelly does a teaching on each letter of T.U.L.I.P. and a teaching to summarize.

"Jesus' Prayer in John 17"

Does Jesus' prayer in John 17 back-up and support the teachings of Calvinism? Kerrigan Skelly takes a look at that in this video.

"Hitler & Calvinism"

Kerrigan Skelly did a satirical video on Calvinism using a video clip of a Adolf Hitler from a German language movie.

"The Parable of the Wicked Fireman"

Kerrigan Skelly presents a parable about the "god" of Calvinism.

"God Hates Sinners!!"

The Bible says that God DOES Hate Sinners and NOT just their sin. In what way does God "Hate" sinners though? Kerrigan Skelly gives important insights on this issue.

"Why I am NOT an Open Theist"

In this video, Kerrigan Skelly explains why he is NOT an Open Theist. He has lots of good friends that are and he has been falsely accused of being one. This video helps to clear all of this up.

"A Historical Introduction to Calvinism"

Just how did Calvinism begin? This video looks at all of the "major players": Augustine, Pelagius and Calvin. Kerrigan Skelly gives a history of "Calvinism".

"The Afterlife: What Happens Next?"

Do we go straight to Heaven or Hell when we die? When is judgment day and when is the resurrection? These questions and more are answered by Kerrigan Skelly, in this video.

"The Doctrine of the Trinity"

Kerrigan Skelly explains what the Trinity is, why it is Biblical and what the Early Church believed.

Handling God's Money Properly

- Kerrigan Skelly explains how to be a good steward of your finances.